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Air Hose Tools

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CT-336 Charging Hose 36"
Flex ducts are regularly used to transfer light dust particulate away from a specific area. This is often done for safety reasons in many occupational fields because dust can be harmful to health. The type of dust involved in these applications can vary from very fine wood dust to fertilizer particulate Ducting hoses are extensively used for suction (under vacuum) but also as delivery hoses (under pressure) to blow air or gases. Not only is flexible ducting often more cost effective to purchase, but flexible ducting can also offer savings in the form of thermal insulation. You can reduce energy costs with flexible ducting, as it prevents warm or cold air from escaping, ensuring your HVAC is operating at its most efficient and effective
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Hose Nozzle
Inflator And Gauge Kit
Hose Reel 45M X 1/2"
4" Dial Inflator Gauge 0-200psi w/36" Hose
5x8x12mm Air Hose Reel - HR010508U
6.5x10x10mm Air Hose Reel - HR010508U
8x12x10mm Air Hose Reel - HR0108012U
B24A 3" Dial Tire Inflator Gauge 0-200psi w/ 36" Hose
Polyurethane PU Hose 4x6mmx200mts - HUS0406
Polyurethane PU Hose 5 x 8mm x 100mts - HUS5008
Polyurethane PU Hose 6.5 x 10mm x 100mts - HUS6510
Polyurethane PU Hose 8 x 12mm x 100mts - HUS0812
Ridgid VT2520 7' of 2.5" VAC Hose
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