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Test and Measurement

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DCA Laser Distance Meter ADF04-80
₱8,125.00 ₱12,500.00
Digital Multi-meter
Digital Multi-meter
Electronic Automatic Leveling (High Power)
₱40,300.00 ₱62,000.00
Elevator Tripod
₱2,470.00 ₱3,800.00
Magnetic Automatic Leveling
₱5,330.00 ₱8,200.00
Magnetic Automatic Leveling
₱19,500.00 ₱30,000.00
The RIDGID® micro LM-100 Laser Distance Meter provides simple, quick and accurate distance readings at the push of a button. Simply push the measurement button to turn on the ultra-sharp Class II lasers, point the device at the spot to be measured, and push the measurement button. The distance reading will appear on the easy-to-read LCD display. This rugged, compact, portable instrument enables professional tradesman to quickly determine distances for piping, measuring trouble spots down the line, and quickly determine spacing for code compliance.
₱9,240.00 ₱16,800.00
Quick distance readings and advanced calculations are at your fingertips. Connect to a smartphone or tablet to overlay measurements on a photo or sketch to share with others.
₱11,880.00 ₱21,600.00
Rotary Laser Level
₱59,800.00 ₱92,000.00
Digital Clamp Meter
Digital Multimeter
Tactix Magnetic Level 600mm(23-1/2 in.)
Digital Battery Load Tester 200 Amps
Digital Timing Light with Tach/Dwell/Volt Analyzer
Ridgid Laser Distance Meter, Micro Lm-100
₱14,740.00 ₱26,800.00
Ridgid Micro CD-100 Combustible Gas Detector
₱23,595.00 ₱42,900.00
Ridgid Micro Gas Sniffer
₱23,595.00 ₱42,900.00
RIDGID Micro LM-400 Laser Distance Meter
₱18,700.00 ₱34,000.00
Ridgid MicroRay Non-Contact Infrared Thermometer
₱11,220.00 ₱20,400.00
Ridgid MicroRay Non-Contact Infrared Thermometer
₱11,220.00 ₱20,400.00